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Human Computer Dog Interface

We present a fully implemented Web based interface which allows a human to interact with their pet dog. While away from home, the owner can access the interface through any Web browser. The interface allows the owner to view, feed, and play with their dog which remains at home. Besides real time interaction with their pet, the owner is re-assured that the dog is healthy and happy during their absence.


Dr. Andre Trudel, Project Lead
Professor, Jodrey School of Computer Science
Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, Canada? B4P 2R6
vox: 902.585.1136 fax: 902.585.1067
email: Andre.Trudel@acadiau.ca


Dr. Danny Silver, Research Associate
Associate Professor, Jodrey School of Computer Science
vox: 902.585.1105
email: Danny.Silver@acadiau.ca